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Joinery is a tradition in our family initiated by my grandfather Leon Sylka in 1945. It was continued by my father Roman Sylka, who by building and expanding his joinery workshop, gave the company its present shape. In 1995, after completing a degree in wood technology at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, I took over the management of our enterprise.

Our company - SYLKA "WYROBY Z DREWNA" is a joinery workshop that produces windows, doors, stairs, winter gardens and wooden terraces from various types of wood (European and exotic). We specialise in custom orders, which distinguishes us among mass producers.

For every order, we put a personal effort to ensure that the product meets the aesthetic, functional and technical expectations of the customer. Our priority is the quality of the woodwork and customer satisfaction.

We offer windows, doors and wooden stairs for detached houses, suites and historic buildings such as tenement houses in Germany and the Netherlands as well as palaces in Poland. Some examples of projects executed can be found in the gallery.

We execute individual orders and also cooperate with major contractors in Poland (EBUD Przemyslówka, ARKOM, WEZAMUD), on the realisation of complex projects. Examples include, among others: the courts in Bydgoszcz, Stanisław Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

We are willing to cooperate with construction companies in Germany, where we perform measurements and assembly of manufactured products. We cooperate, among others: with Johannsen & Partner; Nowbau Gmbh; Celik Bauträger GmbH; Andreas Mrosek von Glischinski Baubetrieb; Architekturbüro für Generalplanung Selçuk Ünyilmaz; Hausbau-Fikret Bauausführungen. Examples of executed projects:

  • Mehrfamilienhaus mit 12 WE Elbgaustraße 27 in Hamburg;
  • Neubau von zwei Einfamilienhäuser Alte Landstrasse 72, Hamburg;
  • Blumenau 40, Hamburg;
  • Neubau eines Einfamilienhauses Parchimer Str. 60, Hamburg;
  • Möhlendannen 15, Hamburg;
  • Yorckstr.82, Berlin.

To broaden the range of products offered by our company, we established cooperation in 2013 with the company - MS producers of high-quality wooden windows. MS provides us with ready-made windows or raw wooden profiles for custom processing in our factory.

In addition to our broad range of standard windows, we offer custom windows, e.g. box windows, outside opened windows, Dutch windows or English windows so-called Sashes.

Our latest attractive product is the new generation exterior entrance doors that combine natural wood with durability and the latest technology in energy efficiency. The key component of these doors is the modern door panel, manufactured in Germany, covered with natural wood (oak, beech, pine, meranti and others). This patented technology ensures that the door leaf is dimensionally stable and is not subject to warping while guaranteeing a high thermal insulation coefficient. These doors perfectly withstand extreme conditions at high-temperature differences inside and outside the building.

We invite you to visit our company in Bytów or contact us via email or telephone.


M.Sc Eng. Tomasz Sylka

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