Exterior doors

Our latest product is the new generation entrance doors for houses. The key factor here is the material from which such doors are made: that is the ROHLING panel produced in Germany from the desired wood type. This patented technology ensures that the window leaves are dimensionally stable and are not subject to warping. Additionally, the aluminium foil glued between the layers prevents the permeation of moisture into the material, thanks to which the doors do not warp. Test results show that these doors perfectly withstand very high-temperature differences, when it is very cold or very hot outside, and vice versa indoors. We can execute any door design from wood.

Interior doors

A beautiful wooden door of excellent quality is an embellishment to any home. Our projects satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Magnetic and mechanical locks No-Ha®2.0 Slide, concealed hinges in non-rebated doors are only some of the innovations we have introduced into our solutions.


Door panel - cross-section


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